4/24/16: Added instruMENTALism by phuKet

2/21/16: Added The Fiend Without a Face by Sound Scientist

2/21/16: Added Too Much Sun by Sound Scientist

2/21/16: Added Tragic Comedy Rap by Sound Scientist

2/21/16: Added Biff Time Travelin by Sound Scientist

2/18/16: Added Vatos Locos by Mass Appeal

3/14/15: Added DriPPIN and Transmission E.P. by Sound Scientist

3/10/15: New site created


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The BoomBap Addicts: A group of producers from New England consisting of RawB, Mass Appeal, Sound Scientist, and timb0ie. Together, they are known to incorporate gritty sample selections layered with heavy-ass drums that define HipHop based audio production. There is only 1 rule, dopeness.

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